Creating executable programs for Windows has never been easier!
Simple2Cod App. Maker offers an extremely refined interface, a quick start, surprising results.

Simple2Cod App. Maker is within everyone's reach!
With images, audio, interaction and simple controls, games, presentations, slideshows, lessons, tests, photo stories etc... Everything you can imagine is at your fingertips and usable on PC, monitors, interactive terminals.

For the more seasoned it is also web connectivity with database and php.

You will not be lost or alone!
With Simple2Cod App. Maker:

- Everything in your language.
- Many programming examples in video.
- Follow-up and possible help for your projects >>>

So don't hesitate any longer... Get started!

Required: Windows 8.1 - Minimum resolution 1440 X 900.
Download Simple2Cod App. Maker (Use Google Chrome preferably)

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